Girls Brigade

Girls’ Brigade is an international Christian youth organisation which supports the family, serves in the community and meets the needs of girls today operating through local churches.

Girls’ Brigade seeks to build strong young women who will become leaders in the community.

Girls’ Brigade caters for Girls from Prep to the age of 21 years working in four units related to school grade.

 Cadets                               Prep to Grade 2
Juniors                               Grades 3 to 5
Seniors                              Grades 6 to 8
Pioneers                            Grades 9 to 12 up to 21 years

Young Leaders                  from 17 years of age, girls can choose to become leaders.

Girls’ Brigade meets on Tuesday evenings of school terms at Shed19. Our evenings consist of games, singing, life skills and learning about God.

We also do a variety of activities through the year including camps, marching in the Anzac Day parade and outings.

For more information contact Kirsty Golding (Captain)  0403 047 032 or email