The Gladstone Church of Christ is a not-for-profit organisation and is dependent on the voluntary offerings, gifts and donations of members and friends who attend and support our vision and mission.

All funds received are allocated for general church purposes unless otherwise clearly designated for a specific item/purpose or ministry area. Contact the church office if you are unsure of how best to designate an allocated gift.

Ways to give at Gladstone Church of Christ

Direct Deposit

Use your existing internet banking facility to securely transfer funds to the church’s bank account. Consider setting up an automatic periodical payment to the church at intervals that suit your budget. This will assist in maintaining a regular giving regime.

Church Bank Details:
BSB: 064-705           A/c: 00900410
Name: Gladstone Church of Christ

All funds received will be allocated for general church purposes unless you use a reference to indicate otherwise.

Cash & Cheques

Cash or cheques may be given in the offering bags that are collected as part of our services, or given in person at the church office. Offering envelopes are available at the information desk.

Cheques may be posted at anytime to PO Box 7324, Kin Kora, Qld 4680


Remembering the Church in your Will is truly a gift that keeps on giving and leaves a lasting legacy. It allows you one last opportunity to support the work of the church in a way that you may not have been able to support during your lifetime. This could apply to you (for example) if you are asset rich but income or cash flow poor. When we make our Wills, we can express in them our lifetime habit of giving generously to others by including the church as a beneficiary. It will stand as a testament to your family and loved ones of the values you hold dear.

Get advice
If you are considering a bequest to the Gladstone Church of Christ, you should contact your solicitor for advice on preparing or updating your Will as the correct wording is important. It is also suggested that you seek other professional advice concerning possible taxation issues if leaving shares or real estate.

Please let us know
We understand that making your Will is a very personal matter. If you have already included the church in your Will or are considering doing so, it is a great help if you let us know – particularly if you would like your bequest to be used for a specific purpose that is dear to you. The church leadership would like to hear about your vision and ideas.

Confidentiality assured
All discussions relating to bequests are treated in the strictest confidence.


Please contact the church office to offer, or discuss alternative and practical ways you may be able to assist the church; such as providing professional services, supplies, interest free loans, sponsorship, provision of prizes or scholarships etc.

You can also make a tax deductable gift to HopeLINK to help change lives in our community.  Please contact the HopeLINK office on 07 4979 3626, or look at the HopeLINK website ( for more information.