Needing Help or Prayer

There is hope…here are 4 things you can do if you need some help

  1. Talk to one of the Ministry Team

Arrange for a confidential one-on-one discussion about your situation with one of the Ministry Team. Let them pray with and for you. Their contact details are displayed on this page.

Talk with us for help with –

  • Courses to help you do life better
  • Pastoral Care
  • Prayer
  • Weddings or Funerals


  1. Ask us to pray

If you would like others to pray with (or for) you through a difficult experience, please contact one of the Ministry Team.

In addition, we can mobilise people within the church who will pray for known needs or requests.

For more information, and a way to submit your prayer requests (they may be anonymous if you like) visit the Prayer Ministry page

  1. Consider Professional Counselling

The Gladstone Church of Christ offers an on-site Counselling & Family Therapy Service. Our counsellors are committed Christians who seek to provide an affordable and professional service whilst journeying with people as they face and work through difficult situations in life.

Visit the Counselling page for more information. In circumstances where the therapists are not qualified or do not have sufficient experience, referral to other specialised practitioners or groups may be necessary.

  1. Contact HopeLINK

HopeLINK is the community care branch of Gladstone Church of Christ, developed in 2009 as a result of the church’s desire to be actively engaged in supporting and connecting with the local community – offering Christ’s hope and expressing God’s love to all. From its beginnings it has sought to identify and respond to the real needs of vulnerable people in the Gladstone area, linking people to established local services or developing programs that address those needs where no support currently exists.

HopeLINK runs programs for supporting Mums (Mentoring Mums), Men and Women experiencing relationship difficulties (Insight Men’s and Women’s Circles, Counselling), and provides help in practical ways.


(Note:  there will be a box on the right with the Ministry Team’s name and contact number.)